UCLA Protests Take A Violent Turn

(HorizonPost.com) – Law enforcement on Wednesday evening ordered protesters on the UCLA campus to disperse after clashes between pro-Hamas and pro-Israel demonstrators grew violent Tuesday night.

After university officials declared the pro-Hamas encampment unlawful, violent clashes erupted between two dueling protesters late Tuesday that left one victim hospitalized from injuries.

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass’ office confirmed on Tuesday that the mayor spoke with the UCLA Chancellor and campus police, and the LAPD would be deployed to the campus to provide support.

However, even with police on campus, the clashes between the two groups continued.

Vice Chancellor Mary Osako confirmed that law enforcement had been called in to provide “mutual aid support” to deal with the “horrific acts of violence.”

UCLA canceled classes on Wednesday following Tuesday’s violence when pro-Israel counter-demonstrators stormed the barricades surrounding the pro-Hamas encampment.

A group of about 100 counter-demonstrators threw fireworks into the unlawful encampment and ripped down sections of the barricades surrounding it. As the violent clashes grew, UCLA campus security guards fled the area, retreating to Kaplan Hall before the LAPD arrived in the early hours and intervened.

Mayor Bass condemned the violence in a post on X, calling it “abhorrent and inexcusable.”

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s office said it was monitoring the situation and state resources were being “mobilized.”

The university declared the encampment was unlawful and warned the students that if they did not disperse, they could face disciplinary action, including suspension and even expulsion.

Chancellor Gene Block condemned the “instigators” of Tuesday’s attack in a statement on Wednesday, saying that regardless of their feelings about the pro-Hamas encampment, the attacks on students and campus community members were “utterly unacceptable.”

Michael Drake, the head of the University of California system, called for an “independent review” of UCLA’s actions and the law enforcement response.

Despite the LAPD’s calls for the demonstrators to disperse, large crowds remained on campus Wednesday night. However, no arrests had been made on campus.

Meanwhile, NYPD made nearly 100 arrests at Columbia University on Wednesday after clearing Hamilton Hall of the protesters occupying the building.

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