Chris Christie Slaps Trump With Blistering Burn

( – Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie blasted Donald Trump last week after the former president once again attacked him over his weight, the HuffPo reported.

While campaigning in New Hampshire last Tuesday, Trump mentioned Christie, saying he was “eating right now” and couldn’t be bothered. When people in the audience made comments about Christie’s weight, Trump playfully admonished them, saying, “Don’t call him a fat pig.”

In a post on X (AKA Twitter) featuring a video clip of Trump’s comment, Christie suggested that if Trump “had any guts,” he would “show up to the debate and say it to my face.” The former New Jersey governor has been goading Trump to attend the August 23 GOP primary debate on Fox News.

The former president has repeatedly suggested that he would skip the debates, arguing that participating in the debates would be of no benefit to him since he is currently leading in the polls.

While Christie was one of the first prominent Republicans to throw his support behind Trump in the 2016 election and later was one of Trump’s close advisors during his presidency, the former New Jersey governor has since soured on the former president.

The notoriously overweight Trump routinely hits Christie over his weight. While appearing on CNN in June, Christie spoke with host Jake Tapper about Trump’s childish insults.

In sharing the interview on Twitter (AKA X), Christie tweeted that a “spoiled baby” should be sent to his room when he misbehaves, “not the White House.” He suggested that given Trump’s “advanced age,” voters should stop hoping the former president “will ever grow up,” adding, “We need a leader, not a child.”

In a follow-up tweet, Christie said that while he has “struggled” with his weight “for 20 years,” he has never struggled with his character, adding that he would put his character “up against Donald Trump’s any day.” Christie closed by saying if jokes about his weight are all Donald Trump has, “then he’s lost his fastball.”

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