Ex-Wisconsin GOP Chair Claims Deception by Sham Elector Scheme

(HorizonPost.com) – Former Wisconsin GOP Chair Andrew Hitt this weekend opened up about his role in the fake elector scheme concocted by the Trump campaign following the 2020 presidential election, CBS News reported.

The Trump campaign’s effort to submit a slate of fraudulent electors from contested states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Arizona featured prominently in special counsel Jack Smith’s August 2023 indictment of Trump for attempting to overturn the 2020 election.

In an interview with Anderson Cooper on Sunday’s “60 Minutes” broadcast, Hitt, who was nominated to serve as an official elector if Donald Trump won Wisconsin in 2020, said he and nine other Trump electors signed documents after Trump lost the race falsely attesting that Donald Trump won.

According to Hitt, lawyers claimed the documents would only be used if the Trump campaign won its lawsuit seeking to toss more than 200,000 votes in Wisconsin.

On December 4, 2020, Hitt was instructed by the state party’s outside counsel to join the other Republican electors at the capital on December 14 to be prepared to sign the documents swearing that they were the qualified electors from Wisconsin just in case the court ruled in Trump’s favor.

However, the Trump campaign’s request was rejected by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Despite this, Hitt said he and the other slate of fake electors met to sign the documents on December 14 anyway.

Hitt told Cooper that they were told to do so since the Trump campaign planned to appeal the state high court’s decision to the US Supreme Court. Hitt said he was warned that if he refused and the Supreme Court sided with Trump, it would be his fault if Trump failed to win Wisconsin’s electoral votes.

When Hitt arrived to sign the documents, Trump campaign attorney Kenneth Chesebro, the architect of the fake elector scheme, was there to watch the fraudulent electors vote for Trump. Chesebro has since pleaded guilty in Fulton County, Georgia to conspiracy to file false documents involving the scheme.

When asked how he felt about his part in the fraudulent elector scheme, Hitt said he felt “terrible.” He said if he knew then what he knew today, he never would have gotten involved.

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