General Milley Denies Trump’s Claims On Iran

( – Outgoing chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Mark Milley last week disputed the claims by Donald Trump and former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows that he recommended a military strike on Iran during the Trump administration, CNN reported.

In an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria last Wednesday, Milley said he never recommended attacking Iran.

In the indictment of Donald Trump for his mishandling of classified records, special counsel Jack Smith cites a recording of Trump boasting about a classified plan to attack Iran. Trump has since claimed that this plan was authored by General Milley.

However, Milley told Fareed Zakaria that he was not aware of the specific document Trump was showing off, explaining that no such plan was ever presented to him.

Milley assured Zakaria that an attack on Iran would be a “very serious undertaking.” He said the US military has the “capabilities” for such an attack and there is nothing “particularly unusual” about such military plans. However, he said he would not go into details or discuss it further. 

In his memoir “The Chief’s Chief,” Mark Meadows claimed that General Milley urged the former president to attack Iran on more than one occasion but Trump refused to do it.

Meadows writes in his memoir that Milley typed up a 4-page report outlining his plan to attack Iran which included, according to Meadows, the deployment of “massive numbers of troops.” but Trump “denied those requests every time,” Meadows wrote.

Milley said he wasn’t aware of what Meadows wrote in his memoir and told Zakaria that he never recommended a “wholesale attack on Iran.” He explained that it would “require a significant degree of risk” that the US may or may not want to pursue depending on the circumstances.

Milley added that he knows what he did and did not do during the Trump administration, and he did not recommend attacking Iran.

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