Jill Biden Criticizes Trump’s Intentions In Houston

(HorizonPost.com) – Jill Biden traveled to Texas last weekend to speak at a big-ticket fundraising dinner in a private Houston condo where she criticized Donald Trump for exploiting the crisis at the border to make her husband look bad, the Houston Chronicle reported.

The Republican presidential candidate last weekend was arguing against a negotiated border bill on his social media platform Truth Social.

In a one-sentence post on Saturday, Trump declared that a “bad border deal” would be worse than not reaching a deal with the president.

The White House released a statement last Friday in which President Biden said if the Senate agreed to pass the border deal giving him emergency powers to shut down the border, he would close the border “the day I sign the bill into law.”

The first lady asked the big-donor gathering how they felt the morning after Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016 and warned them not to “let that happen again.”

The fundraiser was hosted by Ellen Susman, a former Obama appointee who is friends with Jill Biden. Susman is helping the Biden reelection campaign raise money from deep-pocketed donors.

Mrs. Biden told the carefully selected donors that regardless of whether they were Democrats or Republicans, she hoped that they would support Joe Biden to stop the “extremist” Republicans from tearing “the fabric of our country” apart. She insisted that even mainstream Republicans oppose the “MAGA extremist” agenda.

The first lady echoed the Biden campaign’s talking points about protecting “democracy” by supporting her husband over the “extremist” Republicans and urged the assembled donors to help the Biden campaign defeat Donald Trump.

Mrs. Biden closed her remarks by citing a recent column about Martin Luther King in which the author bemoans the lack of heroes in America today. She recited a quote from King who once said that you can only see the stars in darkness.

The first lady said the country was “wading through this darkness” but in November, “we’re going to see those stars.”

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