Michelle Obama Might Run In 2024 As Rumors Spread

(HorizonPost.com) – Now that it seems more likely than ever that President Joseph Biden will not seek reelection, the elites of the Democratic Party are starting to think about who may take his place. Few Democrats interested in running for president seem likely to garner enough support to give the Left another four years in the Oval Office. 

Former First Lady Michelle Obama, who happens to be married to a “prominent politician,” may be the answer.

According to reports, Michelle Obama stopped short of “full-throated support” for a 2024 Biden reelection campaign. The Obamas’ acquisition of a mansion in Washington, DC’s exclusive Kalorama neighborhood shows they want to maintain a prominent role in American politics.

The 19FortyFive website says that their home was reportedly the “nerve hub” of the anti-Trump “resistance” that permeated all of D.C. throughout the divisive Trump Presidency.

The Obamas have not swayed from that conviction and may team up in 2024 to derail the Trump train.

A victorious Democratic Party presidential candidate needs star power, expertise, and a national and international reputation, all of which Michelle Obama has. She would bring a former president who, since leaving office in January 2017, has virtually been behind-the-scenes stage managing the Democratic Party.

With a 67% approval rating, Michelle Obama is ranked as the 302nd most famous person in history. There was a 55.8 percent positive response to her in a YouGov survey in May 2020. A Gallup survey of voters in 2020 ranked her as the most popular female candidate. 

Obama said that Trump’s election in 2016 “damaged” her on a book tour for her most recent book.

Because of her distaste for President Trump and his party, former First Lady Michelle Obama is spearheading an initiative to sign up one million new voters before the 2022 Midterm Elections. 

Not acting like a typical ex-first lady, she is getting set to take bold measures to prevent her worst nemesis, Donald Trump, from making a comeback. In 2024, she might be a presidential contender for the Democratic Party, making her the target of Republican dread. 

Even if Trump wins the Republican nominee in 2024, Michelle Obama might run against him in the general election and end his chances of being president again.

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