Orlando Airport’s Festivus Pole Warning

(HorizonPost.com) – Holiday air travelers in Orlando, Florida were treated to a Festivus display at Orlando International Airport on December 23 that included a Festivus pole like the one featured in an episode “Seinfeld” and a comment box in which travelers could place their “airing of grievances,” the New York Post reported.

The sign posted by the December 23 Festivus display asked travelers to celebrate “Festivus for the rest of us.”

It encouraged holiday travelers to leave their handwritten Airing of Grievances in the comment box, but also reminded them not to climb or swing from the Festivus Pole, noting, “The Festivus Pole is not a Dancing Pole.”

The fictional holiday was first introduced in the “Seinfeld” episode titled “The Strike,” which first aired on December 18, 1997.

In the episode, George Costanza’s father, Frank decides to create an alternative holiday with its own set of traditions to combat the commercialization of Christmas.

Instead of a Christmas tree, Frank Constanza’s Festivus featured a metal pole without distracting tinsel.

Included in the traditions is one called the “feats of strength” which involved a wrestling match with the head of household.

However, Orlando travelers were encouraged to refrain from participating in the “feats of strength.” They were also instructed not to swing on the tinsel-free pole.

Several years ago, Senator Rand Paul created his own Festivus tradition. Each year on December 23, the Kentucky Republican releases his airing of government grievances, which includes an exhaustive list of the federal government’s wasteful spending during the year.

This year’s Festivus report included a $2.7 million grant to study Russian cats on treadmills, $169 million of military equipment the Pentagon ruined by leaving outside in the elements, and a $6 million grant to promote Egyptian tourism.

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