Pelosi Claims GOP Has ‘Nothing’ On Biden

( – Last Tuesday, Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced that the House Judiciary, Oversight, and Ways and Means Committees will begin a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. Within no time, former speaker Nancy Pelosi made the rounds on cable news to attack McCarthy and dismiss the inquiry as a nothing burger.

Pelosi appeared on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” last Wednesday where she claimed Republicans “have nothing” after investigating Biden for nine months.

Host Anderson Cooper pointed out that Speaker McCarthy recently told Breitbart News that the House would only move forward with an impeachment inquiry after a full vote and asked Pelosi why she thinks McCarthy “flip-flopped” and skipped the vote in the House.

Pelosi suggested that McCarthy knew he didn’t have the votes needed to support opening an impeachment inquiry.

Pelosi told Cooper that when the Democrats impeached Donald Trump, she ordered the chairmen of six committees to obtain the information to prepare for an impeachment vote on the House floor. She said the Democrats only needed “a few weeks” to make their case, whereas the Republicans have had nine months to collect information, and “they have nothing.”

The former speaker claimed that the only reason the Republicans are pursuing an impeachment inquiry into Biden is that Donald Trump is “exerting his influence” over the House.

Pelosi continued her cable news swing on Thursday, appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” where she defended her handling of Donald Trump’s impeachment.

When co-host Willie Geist noted that McCarthy was defending his decision to launch an inquiry by claiming that Pelosi set the precedent by waiting a long time before launching the first impeachment inquiry against Trump, the former speaker called McCarthy’s argument “hogwash.”

Pelosi said it was “ridiculous” for McCarthy to say that and for the press to repeat it, arguing that she called the vote for Trump’s impeachment in a matter of weeks after announcing the start of the inquiry.

Pelosi simultaneously blasted the Republicans for spending the last nine months investigating Biden while also saying that impeachment must not be done “on impulse,” but with “care.”

However, Pelosi seems to forget that the Democrats began investigating Donald Trump immediately after taking back the House in January 2019. The formal impeachment inquiry into the former president didn’t begin until December of that year.

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