Police Raid Home of 10-Year-Old Girl After Chilling Video Emerges

(HorizonPost.com) – Authorities in Hayward, California confirmed last week that police raided a Hayward home and seized two firearms after a 10-year-old girl allegedly threatened a classmate in a FaceTime chat saying she would bring a gun to school and shoot her.

The incident occurred in late May when a school official from Key Academy Charter School in Hayward reported to police that a student threatened to fight another girl over someone they both had a crush on.

The 10-year-old allegedly made the threat during a FaceTime chat on May 28 that was seen by other students. In a second FaceTime chat later that day, the girl showed off a pistol and said she would bring it to the school and “use it” on the other girl if she had to, according to the Hayward Police Department.

When school officials learned about the threats the following day, they immediately notified the police, who opened two separate investigations – one to determine if the girl’s threat was serious and a second to determine how she accessed the firearm she displayed during the FaceTime chat with the victim.

After interviewing the 10-year-old’s mother, police learned that the guns were stored in a place the child could easily access. One of the parents, who is in security, was licensed to carry a firearm.

The mother told police that she would get a gun safe right away. However, several hours later, police learned that the 10-year-old was home alone and no gun safe had been purchased.

Police obtained a search warrant the same day and raided the home where they found two firearms, dozens of rounds of ammunition, and two loaded magazines.

The weapons and ammunition were seized. However, no criminal charges have yet to be filed against the mother.

Under California’s privacy laws, it is impossible to know if the 10-year-old was arrested or charged for making the threats.

Key Academy Charter School has not commented on the incident. The school is currently on summer break.

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