RFK Jr. Slams DNC For Going Off Track

(HorizonPost.com) – Democrat presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. last week accused the DNC of not wanting a “real primary” by using its schedule and rules to favor President Joe Biden, the Washington Examiner reported.

In an op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal last Wednesday, Kennedy argued that the DNC is disenfranchising Democrat primary voters by refusing to hold debates while stacking the primary schedule to benefit President Biden.

As proof of the DNC’s stacking, Kennedy cited its decision to make South Carolina the first primary state instead of New Hampshire. In 2020, Biden lost New Hampshire but won South Carolina.

The DNC is seeking to move the South Carolina primary to February 3, 2024, with New Hampshire sharing February 6 with the Nevada caucus.

However, New Hampshire would have to alter its voting law that requires the Republican and Democrat primaries to be held on the same day. Thus far, no change in the law has been made.

Under New Hampshire law, the Secretary of State has sole authority to schedule the primary. However, Republican David Scanlan has so far not done it.

If the Republican and Democrat primaries are not held on the same date, New Hampshire could see the nomination convention decline to recognize its delegates, according to the Boston Globe.

In his op-ed, Kennedy argues that the rules drafted by the DNC allow the chairman to punish candidates who run in a New Hampshire primary that does not follow the DNC schedule. He said regardless of the margin of victory, the winning candidate would receive no delegates.

Kennedy also said the deck is stacked against him due to the DNC’s superdelegates, whom he described as “party leaders and elected officials.”

While the DNC voted in 2018 to remove superdelegates from the first round of voting in the nomination, Kennedy argues that no Democrat official would “dare” to provoke the DNC’s “wrath” by pledging support for him, instead, they would only pledge support for the “DNC-approved” candidate.

Kennedy accused the DNC of replacing the primary system with “backroom crony politics.” He said the DNC’s actions confirm the views of a “growing number of Americans” who believe the “political system is rigged.”

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