RNC Chair To Resign

(HorizonPost.com) – RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel reportedly offered to resign after the South Carolina primary on February 24 so Donald Trump could install a new party chair, CNN reported.

The news of McDaniel’s imminent departure was first reported Tuesday night by the New York Times which cited unnamed sources familiar with the plan.

According to the Times, the sources claimed that Trump was expected to choose North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Michael Whatley to replace McDaniel. However, based on the RNC’s rules, Trump could not simply appoint McDaniel’s successor, instead, a new election for Chair would have to take place and Whatley would likely face opposition within the RNC.

The Associated Press clarified that McDaniel’s departure was not a done deal. However, anonymous sources told the Associated Press that McDaniel has long been facing opposition from a vocal faction of the RNC, and after Trump publicly suggested last weekend that it might be time for changes, the pressure on McDaniel to step down intensified again.

According to the Associated Press, McDaniel met with Trump in Mar-a-Lago on Monday where the two reportedly discussed her possible resignation as one of the changes that should happen within the RNC. However, they agreed not to come to any final decision until after the February 24 primary in South Carolina.

RNC spokesman Keith Schipper confirmed to the Associated Press that nothing had changed and decisions would not be made until after the primary.

McDaniel, who was elected as chair after the 2016 election with support from Donald Trump, is one of the longest-serving RNC chairs. Despite a string of electoral losses under McDaniel’s leadership, Trump and his team whipped votes in support of McDaniel’s reelection in 2023.

However, Trump’s support for McDaniel has soured in recent months partly due to the RNC’s abysmal fundraising last year.

Sources told CNN that Trump also believed that under McDaniel’s leadership, the RNC should have done more to support his allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

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