Rogan Believes Newsom Will Be the Democratic Nominee

( – In a recent episode of “Joe Rogan Experience,” the popular podcaster and his guest Chris Williamson discussed President Joe Biden’s cognitive decline, particularly in light of special counsel Robert Hur’s final report on the president’s mishandling of classified documents, Fox News reported.

In his report, Hur concluded that the president did retain and share classified materials when he was a private citizen but Hur did not recommend prosecution, arguing that a jury would be hesitant to convict the 81-year-old president since he would likely be seen as a “well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory.”

Hur’s report also revealed that when the president was interviewed by the special counsel’s office in October, he was unable to remember the years he served as Barack Obama’s vice president or the year in which his son Beau died.

During the podcast, Rogan’s guest Chris Williamson incredulously noted that Biden could not be prosecuted since he was “non compos mentis,” (not of sound mind) but he could still run for reelection, prompting Rogan to suggest that Biden’s reelection campaign was a “ruse.”

Rogan later argued that the Democrats would get rid of Biden before the election by forcing him to step down. While conceding that it was only speculation, Rogan suggested that the Democrats were planning to set up California Governor Gavin Newsom as the nominee.

Rogan argued that with many of the president’s scandals gaining attention, including his encroaching dementia, the Biden family’s foreign business dealings, and the questionable connections between China, Biden, and the University of Pennsylvania, the Democrats would want to get rid of him before the election.

Rogan and Williamson also mocked Biden for claiming that he was a full professor at the University of Pennsylvania when he was paid a lot of money for an honorary title, a practice Rogan compared to “old school” no-show jobs the mafia arranged.

Rogan suggested that the situation with Joe Biden would be much funnier if he wasn’t the President of the United States.

Williamson brought up the press conference Biden called after Hur’s report was released and suggested that it wasn’t a “particularly good idea” for Biden.

When Rogan asked how the press conference went, Williamson said, “suboptimally.”

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