Target Allows Employees to Halt Thefts Over $50

( – Retail giant Target released new guidelines in its efforts to curb in-store thefts that include lowering the minimum threshold for employee intervention.

Target employees can now intervene to stop shoplifters from stealing at least $50 worth of items, cutting in half the previous minimum threshold of $100.

The change marks just one of the steps the national retail chain is taking to stop retail thefts at its location.

According to the company, inventory loss due to theft, damage, and other problems has impacted Target’s profit margins over the last few quarters. However, Target believes that inventory losses should plateau this year.

A spokesman for the retailer said Target has made significant progress in addressing retail theft throughout its nearly 2,000 stores both through policy changes within the stores.

In April, Target announced that it was adding new technology to its self-checkout stations to help curb retail theft.

In recent years, Target has also started keeping some products on locked shelves, including nail-care products, laundry detergent, and other items popular with organized retail thieves.

Last year, the company announced that it was closing nine locations in four states to curb losses due to increased retail theft.

The spokesman said Target’s priority continued to be ensuring the safety of its staff and customers “while maintaining the positive experience” customers expected.

Most retail stores have a set threshold for employee intervention with shoplifters. Similarly, retail companies maintain a threshold for prosecuting retail crime. While the threshold varies from company to company, it is typically between $25 and $100, according to retail industry consultant Brand Elverston.

The legal threshold for prosecuting retail theft in California is significantly higher. The state decriminalized retail theft for items worth less than $950, which some critics suggest has only fueled organized retail theft in the state.

Most retailers also prevent employees from intervening if there is a risk of violence, regardless of the dollar value stolen.

Retailers also prevent employees from using physical force when intervening due to safety reasons.

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