Biden Corrected After Boasting About Wage Increase

( – While the mainstream fact-checkers continue to give the Biden White House a pass on its frequent misleading or dishonest statements, Twitter’s “Community Notes” fact-checking feature is doing the job for them.

Over the last few months, the Twitter accounts for the White House, President Biden, and other administration officials have been called out for their repeated misleading or dishonest tweets, most recently on Monday when President Biden’s Twitter account boasted about the rise in real wages for American workers, Fox News reported.

The tweet, no doubt written by someone other than the president, claimed that “real wages” are higher today for “the average American worker” than they were before the pandemic, particularly among lower-wage workers.

The tweet closed with the Biden campaign’s current preferred slogan, “That’s Bidenomics.”

Within no time, a Twitter Community Note appeared at the bottom of the tweet to add context to the claim, noting that the tweet contained “a factual error.”

According to the fact-check, real wages at the start of the pandemic lockdowns were $11.15 adjusted for inflation. But on July 16, 2023, real wages were $11.05. The fact-check concluded that real wages adjusted for inflation “remain lower (not higher) than before the pandemic.”

But because Community Notes allows Twitter users to “rate” the fact-check, Biden’s army of Twitter defenders, embarrassed over the repeated fact-checks, are quick to flood every Community Note with poor ratings.

Unsurprisingly, this is what happened to Monday’s tweet and now the Community Note is no longer there.

In November, the White House Twitter account was forced to delete a tweet about Social Security after the claim was thoroughly debunked by Community Notes. In a White House press briefing afterward, press secretary Karine Jean Pierre claimed that the tweet was deleted, not because it was fact-checked but because it was “not complete.”

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