Biden Pledges Progressive Supreme Court Picks in Second Term

( – President Joe Biden vowed last week to appoint more progressive jurists to the US Supreme Court if he is reelected in November, claiming that progressive justices would change the lives of black Americans.

In remarks at a campaign event for a largely black audience in Philadelphia last Wednesday, Biden suggested that the next president would likely appoint another two justices to the Supreme Court and told his supporters that if he could nominate progressive judges it would “change your life.”

In last Wednesday’s event at Girard College in Philadelphia which also featured Vice President Kamala Harris, Biden told the crowd that with the help of black voters, he would make his Republican challenger “a loser again.”

The Biden campaign has launched a full-court press to try and win over black voters amid polling that shows the president’s support slipping among blacks and Hispanics.

Biden boasted about the number of blacks in his administration and his appointment of Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first black woman justice to serve on the Supreme Court. He listed the policy accomplishments his administration had achieved in his first term that benefited black Americans, including pardons for marijuana possession and removing lead pipes.

The president vowed that he would not let Donald Trump return to the White House to “turn America into a place filled with anger, resentment, and hate.”

President Biden has been losing ground to Donald Trump among black and Hispanic voters in recent months.

A survey of black voters released by the Pew Research Center in May found that Biden’s support has dropped to only 77 percent. Biden received 92 percent of the black vote in the 2020 election.

According to an April poll conducted by Ipsos, Biden’s favorability among Hispanic voters is underwater by 6 points, with only 41 percent holding a favorable view of the president and 47 percent holding an unfavorable view.

The Trump campaign is hoping to capitalize on the president’s declining support among minorities.

The former president held a rally in the South Bronx on May 23 where he told the crowd that because of Biden’s policies on the economy and illegal immigration, blacks and Hispanics were “getting slaughtered.”

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