BLM Leader Criticizes Dems, Supports Trump

( – The co-founder of the Rhode Island Black Lives Matter movement on Tuesday explained why some black voters are abandoning the Democrat Party and suggested that former President Donald Trump did more for blacks than any other president, The New York Post reported.

While appearing on “Fox & Friends,” Mark Fisher blasted the Democrat Party for its “hypocrisy” and “duplicity” and said the Democrats aren’t for black voters. He suggested that the policies pushed by the Democrat Party are destructive to the black family.

In a previous interview on “The Kim Iverson Show” earlier in November, Fisher said the Democrats “used and abused” black voters and don’t “value our vote.”

He described the Democrats as a “racist party” with “racist policies” and suggested that Donald Trump wouldn’t be duplicitous like the Democrats but would “give it to you straight.”

Fisher claimed Trump did more for blacks than any other president in his lifetime and suggested that black voters only vote Democrat because they are “misinformed” and don’t know enough about the policies Trump pursued in the White House or how they helped blacks.

Fisher said it would take “educated leaders” to get the message out to the black community about Donald Trump. He added that he personally loves Trump and suggested that he could relate to Trump because he is “a real man.”

Despite Trump’s criticisms and condemnations of Black Lives Matter in the past, Fisher said he wants to continue working with Black Lives Matter and preaching a message of unity. He said he wants to bring marginalized groups out of the margins and into the center.

According to the New York Post, a poll from May 2023 found only 55 percent of black voters said they would support Joe Biden in the election and only 41 percent said Biden should run for a second term.

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