Comer Claims Biden Laundered Money Through Shell Companies

( – In a recent interview, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer outlined the evidence uncovered in the committee’s ongoing probe of the Biden family’s foreign business deals, Breitbart News reported.

While appearing on Fox Business with host Maria Bartiromo, Comer said a review of Suspicious Activity Reports from the Treasury Department and subpoenaed documents from individuals and banks revealed that the Biden family set up over 20 shell companies to hide payments from foreign entities and launder their cash.

Comer told Bartiromo that the shell companies found “make absolutely no sense.” He said it didn’t appear as if the shell companies “paid a penny” of revenue or taxes on the millions of dollars received.

Comer questioned what “service” the Biden family was providing to receive millions from entities in countries like China, Ukraine, and Romania. He asked how they listed this windfall on their taxes.

Comer told Bartiromo that the Oversight Committee has reached “the phase of the investigation” where they have “enough bank records” to ask “substantive questions” of the IRS whistleblowers who testified before the committee on Wednesday.

The Oversight chair said Wednesday’s hearing “should be a good, substantive” hearing that will enable the committee to “move forward in the deposition process” in bringing the individuals that helped the Biden family “funnel and launder this money” and ask them “specific questions about specific transactions.”

In Wednesday’s Oversight hearing, the two IRS investigators-turned-whistleblowers provided evidence that the 5-year investigation into Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings and taxes was being obstructed by the Justice Department despite the overwhelming evidence.

In his testimony, IRS special agent Joseph Ziegler revealed that from 2014 to 2019, the Biden family’s overseas deals raked in over $17 million from various multi-million-dollar payments from foreign nationals in China, Ukraine, and Romania, and about half of that went to Hunter Biden.

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