Conservative Says Congress Needs More Guts

( – In a recent appearance on Fox News, contributor Jason Chaffetz called on Republican leaders in the House and Senate to “get organized” and find a unified position on their investigations into Hunter Biden’s business deals and a possible Biden impeachment, Fox News reported.

While appearing on “America Reports” last Friday, Chaffetz also blasted the White House for denying any knowledge of Hunter’s foreign business deals, calling it a “total fabrication.”

The former congressman said what the White House has claimed throughout the investigation “has been a complete and total lie.”

Chaffetz said Congressional Republicans should “get some guts” and “get organized.” He said he would like to see Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell standing united with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, asking why the leadership remains “off to the side” while only a “handful of Republicans” are expressing frustration.

Speaker McCarthy told reporters at the Capitol on Tuesday that Republicans in the House may consider launching an impeachment inquiring into the president over the evidence of the Biden family’s financial misconduct, the Associated Press reported.

McCarthy said an impeachment inquiry would allow Congress “to get the information” it needs to “know the truth” about the Biden family’s business deals.

An impeachment inquiry is the first step before the House can bring articles of impeachment. Such an inquiry could be swift or lengthy, depending on how House Republicans proceed, meaning it could stretch into the 2024 primary season.

The speaker vowed that Congress would “follow this to the end,” but offered no timeline for launching an impeachment inquiry.

When pressed by reporters, McCarthy said that he has not discussed the matter with Donald Trump.

When asked by a reporter if he is under pressure from Trump to pursue an impeachment inquiry against President Biden, McCarthy laughed off the question, asking, “Do I look like I’m under pressure?”

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