Dad Accuses Ex-Wife of Imposing Gender Change on Son

( – A Buffalo, New York father was denied medical authority over his son by the Erie Supreme Court last week, leaving him no recourse to prevent his ex-wife from medically “transitioning” their 8-year-old child, the Daily Caller reported.

The Daily Mail reported last Friday that the Erie Supreme Court decision would bar Dennis Hannon from stopping his son from undergoing hormone therapy after seven years of fighting to prevent his ex-wife from transitioning his son Matthew to a girl.

The court’s decision would only permit Hannon to spend a few hours each week with his son.

According to the Daily Mail, Hannon first noticed some changes in the clothes his ex-wife was dressing their son in when he was only three years old, choosing more feminine outfits. Despite visiting his son regularly, Hannon was not aware that his ex-wife was allowing Matthew to live a dual identity. When the child was with Hannon, he continued to go by Matthew, but at home with his mother, Matthew was living life as “Ruby.”

In 2019, Hannon received a letter from Matthew’s kindergarten that called his son “Ruby Rose Hannon” and used female pronouns when referring to his son. At first, Hannon thought the school mailed him a letter meant for another parent.

He told the Daily Mail that he was the last person to learn about Matthew’s transition or that he “was on the fast track to puberty blockers.”

Hannon did not learn until 2020 that his ex-wife had decided to consult a therapist who specialized in counseling transgenders. Without his knowledge or consent, the therapist recommended that Matthew start receiving puberty blockers at age 9.

That was when Hannon took his ex-wife to court.

Hannon, who separated from his wife in 2015, told the Daily Mail that the ordeal had been a “nightmare” that had “completely destroyed” his life. But with the court’s ruling and his finances drained, Hannon is no longer able to continue pursuing the case.

Hannon’s ex-wife Amy told the New York Post on Sunday that her ex-husband’s interview with the Daily Mail was full of lies. While she refused to go into detail, Amy argued that there were “two sides to every story” and it was her child that was important.

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