Donald Trump’s Political Comeback Attempt Has Been Launched

( – Donald Trump is growing in popularity and is leading both Ron DeSantis and President Biden in hypothetical polls. Having trailed behind the Florida Governor in several surveys in 2022, the former President is now enjoying a boost as his political comeback gains traction. A recent YouGov poll shows Trump now leading the popular Floridian by 47% to 39% in a one-on-one contest, with support for DeSantis in decline. In a previous poll, conducted only weeks ago, DeSantis was in front by 45% to 41%. Both Republicans lead President Biden by 2%. 

It is unclear why Trump’s popularity has grown so much in such a short space of time, but some commentators have suggested his visit to East Palestine, Ohio, following the train derailment has given him an advantage. Notably, Trump has also not been subjected to attacks by fellow Republican hopefuls who are maintaining a silence surrounding his potential to regain the White House next year. Nikki Haley, who declared her candidacy in January, has stopped short of criticizing Trump directly, while DeSantis – who has not yet declared if he intends to put himself forward – scarcely mentions the former President, including in response to Trump’s jibes in his direction. 

One likely cause of Trump’s popularity, according to psychological analysis, is his plain-speaking style. This distinguishes him from other politicians and is something he has maintained in the White House and beyond. Psychologists describe Donald Trump as intuitive rather than analytical. This means he can relate to people more easily, and people can relate to him. He also provides tough leadership that people crave and is willing to confront institutions, such as the media, that millions distrust. Regardless of the reasons, Donald Trump appears to be on his way back up. 

At the closing speech of the Conservative Political Action Conference on March 4th, Trump said, “Change only happens if we plow fearlessly ahead and declare with one voice that the era of woke and weaponized government is over. That is our task; that is our mission.”

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