Former Putin Insider Makes Chilling Prediction About Russia’s Future

Former Putin Insider Makes Chilling Prediction About Russia's Future

( – An exiled politician is predicting that Russian President Vladimir Putin will be betrayed by his own inner circle, according to The Daily Mail.

Ilya Ponomarev was the only member of the Russian parliament who voted against the invasion of Crimea in 2014. Now, the exiled politician is predicting that amid growing concern over the failed invasion of Ukraine and waning support, the Russian president could be targeted for assassination by the politicians closest to him.

Ponomarev was a member of the State Duma from 2007 to 2016 before moving to Ukraine to start a movement that he hopes will turn Russia into a modern democracy. He is trying to oust Putin by setting up the “First Congress of People’s Deputies of Russia.”

“Putin’s power resides in his position as an alpha male, as the person who is invincible. 2022 was the year when this position started to wane,” he told Newsweek, adding that he believes Putin won’t make it to his next birthday on October 7.

The politician then said that he dreams Putin will be tried for war crimes in The Hague, but noted that scenario likely will not occur because those around Putin will not allow it. Ponomarev suggested that any testimonial Putin provides before a tribunal will do harm to his inner circle, and predicted they will resort to severe measures to prevent it.

U.S. ambassador-at-large for global criminal justice Beth Van Schaack accuses Putin of committing “systemic” war crimes in Ukraine, including targeting civilians, using assault on women as a weapon, abducting children, and summary executions. These “crimes against humanity” could be tried in the International Criminal Court in The Hague, according to the outlet.

While leaders around the world are calling for the ICC to try the Russian president in the face of alleged evidence of war crimes, there is no indication that the organization will levy charges.

Prosecutor Karim Khan has reportedly been collecting evidence of war crimes on the ground in Ukraine, according to the ICC.

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