Guests Find Themselves Alone at All-Inclusive Resort

( – A TikTok influencer and his wife revealed last week that they had a Mexican resort all to themselves, the New York Post reported.

TikToker @freedomhustler and his wife had booked a holiday at the Grand Velas Boutique Los Cabos to celebrate their baby moon. The resort, known for “world-class service,” was completely deserted except for the couple.

In a series of videos posted on TikTok, @freedomhustler, whose name is Cameron, captured footage of the empty resort. He described the feeling as something from “an episode of ‘Black Mirror.’”

According to Cameron, he and his wife realized on their first day that the place seemed empty. As the days passed, they realized that they were the only people engaging in resort activities and eating in the lavish dining room. The resort’s deserted beach became their private waterfront playground.

Throughout their stay, the couple scoured the resort hoping to find other vacationers. But with each passing day, they remained Grand Velas Boutique Los Cabos’ only two guests. The resort’s area designed just for children was deserted. The only other people they saw were employees of the luxurious resort.

On the one hand, Cameron said that having the entire place to themselves was “kind of cool.” At the same time, “it wasn’t,” Cameron said in one video.

Cameron questioned how such a luxurious resort could stay in operation if it only had two guests. In one video, Cameron asked how Grand Velas Boutique Los Cabos could afford to keep the place lighted and the firepits burning day and night.

“This entire kingdom is just for us,” Cameron said.

In the replies, TikTok users offered various suggestions for why the resort was empty, with some of the suggestions being more tongue-in-cheek, like time-traveling and alternative realities.

Others suggested that the timing of Cameron’s holiday may have just caught the resort in a rare lull.

Another user suggested that Cameron and his wife should have just enjoyed the rare opportunity to have such a lavish resort to themselves and not fret about how the resort could afford to operate.

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