House Committee Say Biden Took Chinese Money

( – The House Oversight Committee says it has discovered more than $1 million in funds sent by a Chinese company to members of President Biden’s family, raising potential national security concerns.

According to information the committee obtained from subpoenaing bank records, members of the Biden family received payments from accounts related to President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, that are ultimately connected to Chinese energy companies.

The trail is complicated and has numerous middle men and financial holding companies. According to the House Committee, a Chinese company called State Energy HK Limited sent $3 million in 2017 to a company called Robinson Walker, LLC.

Robinson Walker principal, Rob Walker, is a business associate of Hunter Biden.

After the $3 million transfer, the Committee’s records show, at least three members of the Biden family received payments over a period of months that totaled more than $1 million dollars. One of those family members was Hallie Biden, according to Committee records, the widow of President Biden’s deceased son, Beau.

Hallie Biden was later romantically involved with her brother-in-law, Hunter Biden. 


Committee chairman James Comer, R-Ky., said the payments raise national security concerns. To what extent may the Biden family be beholden to foreign government or business interests that may affect US interests?

Comer said it was not clear what services anyone in the Biden family provided “to obtain this exorbitant amount of money.” The Committee is worried about the effect on US interests and national security such payments might have, Comer said, and the Committee will continue to “follow the money trail.”

Asked for comment about the financial records, White House staff did not claim the records were false. Instead, they personalized the affair. A White House spokesman accused the Committee of attacking the Biden family.

Spokesman Ian Sam said Republicans had made a “disgusting attack” on the family by expressing disappointment that the late Bea Biden had not been prosecuted while he was alive. Then, Sam said, Republicans decided to “go after ” Beau Biden’s widow.

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