Biden’s Alarming Comment On His Niece’s Role Resurfaces

( – In a “flashback” post on Tuesday, Fox News Digital revisited comments Joe Biden made in 2011 in which he said “a rising China” was a “positive development” both for China and the United States.

In remarks then-Vice President Biden made at the opening session of the US-China Strategic & Economic Dialogue on May 9, 2011, he gave a shout-out to his niece Casey Owens, who was concluding her work as the Treasury Department’s special assistant for the Strategic & Economic Dialogue, boasting that she previously studied Chinese and lived in China for a time.

The then-vice president boasted that the Obama administration’s “100,000 Strong Initiative” would “dramatically increase” the number of Americans who live and study in the People’s Republic of China.

Biden said his niece did what the administration hoped 100,000 other Americans would do when she studied and lived in China. He added that now his niece was “devoted” to ensuring that the US-China relationship “gets better and better.”

The 100,000 Strong Initiative was a State Department program launched in May 2010 by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The goal was to send 100,000 American students to study in China for four years so they could learn Mandarin while experiencing Chinese culture and learning “about the hospitality of the Chinese people,” Clinton said in a May 2010 speech in Beijing.

Fox reported last year that during her time at the Treasury Department, Biden’s niece was in regular email contact with Hunter Biden and his business partner Eric Schwerin in which she discussed China’s largest wealth fund China Investment Corporation. Biden and Schwerin’s Rosemont Seneca Advisors were at the time courting the fund for possible investments.

A former business associate of the younger Biden told Fox on Monday that Casey Owens acted as a resource for Hunter in setting up a meeting with China Investment Corporation.

Owens left the Obama Treasury Department in July 2011.

According to Fox, she is now an executive with Starbucks.

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