John Kerry Flies To China For Climate Talks

( – President Biden’s Climate Czar John Kerry traveled to China this week to try and convince them of the importance of cooperation between the two countries to make “real progress” in the fight against climate change, the Associated Press reported.

The US “climate envoy” met with Beijing’s top diplomat Wang Yi on Tuesday where he reiterated the Biden administration’s commitment to stabilizing the relationship between the United States and China. Kerry told Wang that the president hopes that by working together, the US and China can “achieve efforts” that “make a significant difference to the world.”

Kerry is the third administration official to travel to China in recent weeks following visits by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Kerry expressed his appreciation for having the opportunity to “change our relationship for the better,” and told Wang that President Biden “values his relationship” with Chinese President Xi Jinping and “looks forward” to moving ahead and changing the “dynamic” between the two countries.

The climate czar also paid a visit to Beijing’s newly appointed Premier, Li Qiang.

Li, the second-highest official in the Communist Party, told Kerry that the US and China should closely cooperate on the challenges posed by climate change.

Kerry expressed support for cooperation between the US and China to address climate change “with the urgency it requires.” He lauded the previous agreements with China to reduce methane output, address deforestation, and transition away from coal. He told Li that things have changed and the “predictions are much more serious” today.

China remains the world’s leading producer and consumer of coal and has continued constructing new coal-powered plants as it expands the production of solar and wind energy.

The country pledged to level off carbon emissions by 2030 with the aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2060.

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