Majority Backs Impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary

( – A recent poll from the Republican-leaning Rasmussen found that the majority of respondents support impeaching Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the Washington Examiner reported.

For the second time this year, Georgia Republican Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene last month failed to get Congress to approve a proposed resolution to impeach Mayorkas.

Greene opted to bypass the traditional route to pursue impeachment through the committee process by forcing a full floor vote through a House rule permitting a single member to call for a full vote on a proposed resolution, including an impeachment resolution.

Such a move was unprecedented and bound to fail, and it did.

The House voted 209 to 201 to send Greene’s impeachment resolution back to the relevant committees with eight Republicans joining with the Democrats.

In defending his decision to vote against Greene’s unusual move, California Republican Rep. Tom McClintock argued that by impeaching Mayorkas through a resolution vote and bypassing committees, Greene would have redefined impeachment to such a degree that if and when Democrats hold the House majority, they could similarly abuse the impeachment process to oust conservative justices from the Supreme Court or any official from a future Republican administration.

McClintock, like many Republican lawmakers, said he did not oppose pursuing impeachment against Mayorkas. Instead, he opposed the method Rep. Greene attempted to employ.

According to the Rasmussen survey, 55 percent of respondents also support impeaching Mayorkas for his failures in securing the border. Only 33 percent opposed impeaching Mayorkas, including 22 percent who “strongly” opposed the move.

After Greene’s resolution failed, the Georgia congresswoman vowed to again force the full House to vote on a resolution to impeach Mayorkas, claiming that sending the resolution to the relevant committees amounted to letting the effort die.

Greene insisted that the eight Republicans who voted to send it to the committees would change their tune once they faced pressure from voters. She accused the Republican hold-outs of being “tone deaf” to the wishes of the American people.

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