New Proposed Bill Could Ban Mandates

( – Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) announced plans on Tuesday to present the “Freedom to Breathe Act” bill. This legislation aims to put an end to federal mask mandates.

The proposed law would prevent President Joe Biden and other federal entities from enforcing mask-wearing regulations on public transit riders and students in schools.

If approved, this legislation would block the reintroduction of federal mask mandates in areas such as public schools, flights, and public transport systems in the U.S. This would be in effect only until the close of 2024.

Reflecting on past attempts, Vance commented, “We tested mask mandates in our nation once. Not only did they not effectively curtail the spread of respiratory illnesses, but they also infringed on fundamental personal freedoms, leading to divisions among the populace.” He continued, “With this bill, we aim to ensure no federal agency, commercial flight, or public school revisits those previously unsuccessful policies. The Democrats have claimed they won’t reintroduce mask mandates. This bill is to ensure they keep that promise.”

UPI highlighted that the reasoning behind the 2024 deadline, which aligns with the next presidential election, wasn’t explicitly stated by Vance. Nevertheless, speculations suggest the time constraint might be related to budgetary measures that would halt federal funding from supporting the enforcement of such mandates.

Some specialists are concerned about the feasibility of persuading Americans to wear masks again, particularly if certain viral cases surge. Dr. Danielle Ompad, an NYU School of Global Public Health epidemiologist, likened it to “trying to put the genie back into the bottle.” Nevertheless, she has recently resumed wearing a mask in populated areas due to increased exposure risk.

Due to the variety of medical and societal opinions on the efficacy of masks, many feel masks aren’t effective in preventing the spread of the coronavirus. 

She mentioned, “When I’m around those not versed in public health, especially in packed settings, I’d wear a mask. The reason is simple: I can’t afford to catch COVID. Implementing mask mandates is tricky. People’s reactions can be overly intense compared to what’s being requested.”

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