Newsom Expresses Fear Over Trump’s Potential Presidency

( – California Governor Gavin Newsom expressed his concern about the “fetishness for autocracy” both in the United States and worldwide, The Hill reported.

While appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” last weekend, Newsom was asked by host Chuck Todd if he believed the country would be broken by another Trump term as president.

Newsom said while he hoped the country would not experience another Trump presidency, he does “worry about democracy” and the “fetishness for autocracy” that he sees not just from Donald Trump but also “around the world” and particularly across the United States.

Citing Ron DeSantis, Newsom described the Florida governor as “functionally authoritarian” and suggested that “Trumpism” extends beyond Donald Trump and his term in office.

When asked which of the two is a “greater threat to democracy,” DeSantis or Trump, Newsom refused to answer, saying that should be left to “more objective minds.” He explained that he is much more concerned about democracy in general, prompting Chuck Todd to press him again on which Republican presidential candidate is a greater threat.

Newsom finally conceded that Donald Trump is a greater threat than Ron DeSantis because the former president has “vengeance” in his heart. He added that his focus now is helping to reelect President Biden rather than “wallowing” in his concern about the threats to democracy.

Newsom explained that he will work hard to make the case for what Joe Biden has done for the country, describing the president’s tenure as a “master class.” He claimed that President Biden has done “extraordinary” things “across the spectrum,” and said it is the responsibility of every Democrat to “make the case” for Joe Biden’s reelection.

When asked if he should be considered a likely 2024 candidate if Joe Biden falters, Newsom dismissed the notion, saying that Vice President Kamala Harris is “naturally the one lined up” to take Biden’s place.

Todd asked Newsom if he would consider running against Harris for the nomination, but Newsom flatly refused, saying that wouldn’t happen.

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