No, Joe Biden’s Documents Were Not “Planted” On Him

No, Joe Biden Documents Were Not Planted On Him

( – Jack Buckby of writes that Vice President Joe Biden lacked the authority to declassify documents, but some Democrats bent over backward to defend him when a second batch of classified documents was found in his home.

Buckby argued that Biden’s classified documents “a problem arguably more serious than the discovery of similar such documents at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.”

According to Buckby’s report, Rep. Hank Johnson’s (D-GA) partisanship, particularly concerning the President’s documents, is also a serious issue.

Johnson, a Georgia Democrat who gained notoriety for thinking that Guam was in danger of sinking, even suggested to Fox News that someone may have planted the documents.

The same can be said of Joe Biden’s home tipping over and sinking, with all the classified documents his lawyers have found there.

According to the report, Johnson found the timing of the discovery “suspicious.”

In a video interview, Johnson said he was aware that “things can be planted in places and then discovered conveniently.”

But President Biden acknowledged last week that the Obama administration-era documents had been in his possession. However, he claimed they were kept in a secure location.

Buckby notes that it would not only be a blatant lie to suggest that the documents were planted; it would also put the President at odds with the country’s intelligence and security agencies. The notion that the documents were “planted” is so absurd that not even this administration is prepared to accept it.

However, Buckby wrote that Johnson’s claim of planted documents is an admission that they should never have been in Biden’s home to begin with. He said Johnson would be incredibly hypocritical if he did anything less than condemn Biden and call for the same sanctions Democrats claimed should be imposed on Trump.

However, Johnson appears to be committed to his position and is not budging.

According to Buckby’s report, Johnson’s defense of Biden is unconvincing and exemplifies the hyperpartisan sensationalism that has permeated American politics. Lawyer Gene Berardelli would call Johnson’s defense “political buffoonery.”

In an exclusive interview with 19FortyFive, Berardelli, the author of “Schnooks, Crooks, Liar & Scoundrels: A Field Guide to Identifying Political Buffoons,” suggested political parties often go too far in their partisanship.

Johnson just proved Berardelli’s point.

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