Pennsylvania Special State House Race Draws Democratic Support

( – The Democrat running in a Pennsylvania state House special election got a boost this week when the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee announced that it was donating $50,000 to the Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus, The Hill reported.

The special election race is vital to both the Republicans and Democrats in Pennsylvania as its outcome will determine which party controls the state House in 2024.

Democrat Jim Prokopiak, a Pennsbury School Board member, was nominated in December to run in the special election for State House District 140 in Bucks County against Republican Candace Cabanas.

When announcing her run for the seat, Cabanas vowed to lower healthcare costs and said she would be a strong supporter of law enforcement.

The seat is currently vacant after former District 140 Democrat Rep. John Galloway resigned from the state House in December after being elected district justice in November.

Prokopiak vowed to work with the new Democrat House majority to boost funding for public schools, protect abortion, and lower the cost of living.

DLCC President Heather Williams said the Pennsylvania special election was one of the most important elections in 2024 and the DLCC was committed to ensuring Prokopiak “emerges victorious.”

Williams said the Democrat majority was “on the line” in this election, as too was the party’s agenda, including protecting abortion access. She declared the special election a “must-win race” and said the DLCC was working with Pennsylvania Democrats to ensure that “every resource possible” was available to “mount the strongest campaign” in the battleground state.

The special election will be held on Tuesday, February 13.

In 2023, the state House shifted party control three times due to special elections.

Several special elections in state legislatures throughout the country this year are a priority for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee.

The DLCC announced in December that it would spend $300,000 on special election races in Arizona, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Heather Williams said the Pennsylvania race is especially important since the state is a “major battleground” on all levels.

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