Kennedy Staffer Fired Over Anti-Biden Video

( – The Kennedy campaign announced last week that a New York staffer was fired after she was caught on video encouraging New York Republicans to volunteer for Donald Trump’s campaign in Pennsylvania and saying that her priority was ensuring that Joe Biden wasn’t reelected, CNN reported.

In an April 10 statement posted on X, RFK Jr.’s campaign manager Amaryllis Fox Kennedy said New York staffer Rita Palma’s contract was terminated “for misrepresentation” after she “gave an inaccurate job title and described a conversation that did not happen.”

Palma confirmed that she was no longer working with the Kennedy campaign. She told CNN that the focus on her comments in the video was a “distraction” and insisted that she believed that RFK Jr. was “by far the best candidate.”

In the video filmed during a meeting on collecting signatures for Kennedy to appear on the New York ballot, Palma told New York voters to vote for RFK in the General election but also encouraged them to travel to Pennsylvania to volunteer for the Trump campaign as part of her goal of blocking Joe Biden’s reelection.

Palma introduced herself as the Kennedy Campaign’s state director for New York. She later claimed that the strategy she outlined had been approved by the Kennedy campaign.

According to the Kennedy campaign, Palma was not the state director as she claimed but a “ballot access consultant.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has faced growing calls to suspect his third-party campaign as Democrats increasingly fear that he would act as a spoiler for President Biden and help clear the way for Trump’s return to the White House.

CBS News reported on Friday that California Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna called on Kennedy’s running mate Nicole Shanahan to step down from the ticket, noting in a letter that even the Trump campaign has said RFK would help tip the race to Trump.

Khanna told Shanahan that while she might have “fair disagreements” with the Democrat Party, a second Trump term would be “disastrous” for the efforts to combat climate change and would “undo the work of President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act.”

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