Robert De Niro Goes Unhinged During A Biden Campaign Presser

( – Actor Robert DeNiro joined the Biden campaign on Tuesday at a staged press conference outside of the Manhattan courthouse where closing arguments were taking place in Donald Trump’s hush money trial.

The decision to host a press conference outside of the trial of Biden’s opponent in the 2024 presidential election was widely criticized on social media, with many critics noting that the campaign’s appearance only added fuel to Trump’s claim that his prosecution was politically motivated election interference.

During the ill-thought-out spectacle, Biden communications director Michael Tyler admitted that the campaign was not outside of Trump’s trial because of what was going on inside the courthouse but to take advantage of the overwhelming media presence that has plagued the case since the trial first began over a month ago.

Just last week, the Biden campaign released a new attack ad narrated by DeNiro that warned of the things Trump would do if he retook the White House in November. The actor, who has been a vocal critic of Trump for years, claims in the ad that Trump “snapped” after losing the 2020 election and warned that he would stop at nothing to get revenge.

During Tuesday’s press conference, the often angry and unhinged actor told reporters that Americans could “kiss these freedoms” that they “take for granted” goodbye if Donald Trump takes office again.

DeNiro mocked Donald Trump’s reputation as a businessman and claimed that he would try to “destroy” New York City, the country, and the world if he returned to the White House.

When Trump supporters in the crowd began heckling DeNiro, the actor lost his cool.

The press conference also featured former police officers Michael Farone and Harry Dunn, who defended the US Capitol on January 6 and later became media celebrities for their attacks on Trump.

Members of the Trump campaign later held a press conference in the same location where they attacked the Biden campaign for showing up at the courthouse.

Senior campaign advisor Jason Miller dismissed DeNiro as a “washed-up actor” and suggested that the Biden campaign’s staged event lent credence to Donald Trump’s claim that the trial was politically motivated.

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