Ron DeSantis Says He Has An Advantage Over Other Candidates

( – Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis said he didn’t consider the polling this early in the presidential race as a problem for his campaign, saying he isn’t running to “juice polling now” but to win the primaries, Fox News reported.

In an interview on “Fox News Tonight” last Thursday, DeSantis noted that his campaign for president had only begun in late May, and predicted that by the time the primaries roll around, his support in the polls will increase significantly the more Americans learned about his successes in Florida.

DeSantis blasted President Biden for promoting “Bidenomics,” saying the Biden economy is about paying more “for the necessities of life” while “your standard of living goes down” and “the government gets bigger and more powerful.” He argued that the only country that will benefit from “Bidenomics” is China.

The popular Florida governor explained that the reason his state is leading the country in net in-migration and new business formation while enjoying a lower unemployment rate than the national average is because Florida “rejected Bidenomics.”

DeSantis added that his administration has governed conservatively and doesn’t “spend our state into oblivion.”

DeSantis said he is the candidate the leftist establishment attacks the most, suggesting that it is proof that he, and not Donald Trump, is the candidate the left is most concerned about.

Additionally, DeSantis said even left-wing foreign leaders are attacking him, noting that Mexican President Obrador advised Hispanics not to support Ron DeSantis over his positions on illegal immigration.

DeSantis explained that Obrador knows that if he is elected president, the DeSantis administration will hold Mexico accountable for the criminal cartels.

DeSantis asserted that he is the only Republican candidate who can beat Joe Biden in 2024 and the only one who can “beat the left on all these different issues.” He added that of all the 2024 GOP candidates, he is the only one with a proven record of “defeating the left” and that is the case he plans to make ahead of the primaries.

DeSantis said that he isn’t “running to juice polling now.” Instead, he is “running to win in January and February.”

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