SCOTUS Justice Under Spotlight For Getting Wealthy

( – Justice Sonia Sotomayor saw her net worth increase significantly after joining the US Supreme Court, Fox News reported.

According to financial disclosure forms, at the time Sotomayor was nominated to the Supreme Court in 2009 by then-President Barack Obama, her wealth was only a fraction of what it is today.

In 2007, Sotomayor reported investments in the range of $50,0001 and $115,000. The only two assets she listed in her financial disclosure for 2007 were checking and savings accounts with Citibank.

Similarly, in 2008, Sotomayor’s only assets were the two accounts at Citibank. Her total investments were listed in the range of $15,001 and $65,000.

Sotomayor showed the same two assets in her financial disclosure form in 2009, listing her total investments between $15,001 and $65,000.

But in 2021, Sotomayor declared her investments in the range of $1.6 million and $6.6 million.

During her time as a federal appeals court judge, Sotomayor’s annual salary was around $180,000. She supplemented her salary by teaching at New York law schools which added about $25,000 a year.

As a Supreme Court Justice, Sotomayor’s salary is now $285,400 a year.

So how did her assets jump to the millions?

The sharp increase comes from the money Sotomayor made from her memoir and children’s books. Since joining the Supreme Court in 2009, Sotomayor has raked in around $3.7 million from book sales.

The Associated Press reported on Tuesday that Sotomayor’s staff frequently “prodded” universities and libraries looking to invite her as a guest speaker to purchase copies of the books she has written over the years, sometimes in the thousands.

According to the Associated Press, Penguin Random House, Sotomayor’s publisher, is instrumental in organizing her public appearances, often pushing public institutions to commit to purchasing a specific number of books or asking those seeking tickets to attend Sotomayor’s appearances to purchase a book as part of the ticket price.

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