Social Conservatism Is Exploding Nationwide

( – A recent Gallup poll found that the number of Americans who consider themselves conservative on social issues in 2023 reached its highest level in more than a decade.

According to Gallup, 38 percent of Americans said on social issues, they are “very conservative” or “conservative.” That’s a jump of 8 points from 2021 when only 30 percent of Americans considered themselves socially conservative.

The last time social conservatism had such high support was in 2012.

Meanwhile, Americans who say they are “very liberal” or “liberal” on social issues dropped five points, falling from 34 percent in 2021 to 29 percent in 2023. Those who view themselves as moderate remained steady at 31 percent.

Among Republicans, those identifying as social conservatives jumped by 14 points, from 60 percent in 2021 to 74 percent in 2023. There was a 5-point jump among Independents, from 24 percent in 2021 to 29 percent in 2023. 

Democrats, meanwhile, held steady at only 10 percent.

The rise in social conservatives was fueled in large part by those considered “middle-aged,” specifically between 30 and 64, which saw a double-digit increase.

Likewise, economic conservatism is also on the rise, with 44 percent identifying as “very conservative” or “conservative” on economic issues. Another 33 percent identified as “moderate,” while only 21 percent viewed themselves as “very liberal” or “liberal” on economic issues.

Among Republicans, 79 percent describe themselves as “very conservative” or “conservative” on economic issues while 48 percent of Democrats identify as “very liberal” or “liberal” on economic issues.

Among Independents, more consider themselves conservative on economic issues (36 percent) than liberal (16 percent). Nearly half of Independents identify as moderate.

Gallup also found that more Americans identify as Republican than Democrat in 2023.

In 2021, Democrats outpaced Republicans by 3 points, 32 percent to 29 percent. But in 2023, Republicans have a 1-point advantage over Democrats, 30 percent to 29 percent.

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