Trump Challenges Biden to Debate; Joe’s Response

( – After skipping every Republican primary debate, Donald Trump said on Monday that he was willing to debate President Biden now rather than wait until before the November election, NBC News reported.

During an interview with podcaster Dan Bongino, Trump said he would want to debate Biden “immediately,” explaining that debating him now would be “for the good of the country.”

When Biden was asked about Trump’s call for an immediate debate while campaigning in Nevada on Monday, the president laughed and said that if he was Trump, he would also want to debate now because “he’s got nothing else to do.”

In an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt in December, the former president said he looked forward to debating Biden in the general election.

Trump, who refused to participate in the debates before the primaries began, suggested to Hewitt that he would be up for ten debates with Biden.

When Hewitt pointed out that the RNC withdrew from debates set up by the non-partisan Commission on President Debates in 2022, Trump called the commission “corrupt” and claimed that someone from the commission had turned off his mic during a debate with Hillary Clinton in 2016.

In 2020, the commission ruled that it would shut off the microphone of either Trump or Biden if either of them spoke while the other was answering a question.

Trump accused the commission of being “totally Democrat-leaning” and “totally corrupt.” However, he told Hewitt that he would do twenty debates with Biden even if they were organized by the commission.

Trump said while he would be willing to debate Biden every night, the president would “never show up to a debate.”

Last year, the Commission on Presidential Debates released the schedule and locations for three general election debates. The first debate is set for September 16 at Texas State University. This will be followed by a debate at Virginia State University on October 1 and the University of Utah on October 9.

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