Trump Says He Looks Forward To Testifying At Trial

( – On Wednesday, Donald Trump said he would willingly testify if any of the ongoing four criminal investigations into the ex-president requested his presence. “I’m certainly ready to testify. I’m eager to do so at trial,” Trump expressed during an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt.

Previously in July, before facing federal charges concerning his purported endeavors to overturn the 2020 election outcomes, Trump alluded to potentially taking the stand. In a post on Truth Social from July, Trump mentioned, “We’ll enjoy our time in court with those who claim the Presidential Election wasn’t manipulated and stolen. THE TRIAL OF THE CENTURY!!!”

Trump ventured into unprecedented grounds as he became the inaugural former president to confront criminal charges. In March, a New York grand jury indicted him concerning his alleged involvement in a plot to silence an adult film actress during the 2016 presidential race. After that, Trump has faced three additional indictments, with two at the federal level. He has rebuffed any improprieties in all the mentioned cases.

When questioned on Wednesday how he might respond if asked about purportedly directing someone to transfer boxes in a case related to classified documents, Trump refrained from commenting. He said, “I won’t address that inquiry for you, but the law protects me entirely.”

Trump did not clarify which of the four criminal investigations against him he would consider testifying. He also hinted that none of the cases might progress to a trial.

It’s a common practice for defense attorneys to recommend their clients not to testify. Since his 2016 election as president, Trump has not made any public testimonies.

Earlier this year, he chose not to testify in a civil lawsuit filed by writer E. Jean Carroll concerning battery and defamation. Furthermore, he declined an invitation to testify during his second impeachment trial in 2021.

However, Trump has participated in private civil depositions, including the one related to the Carroll case and another lawsuit initiated by the New York State Attorney General’s office.

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