Trump Vows to End Biden’s EV Push

( – In the United States, contemporary politics and the general political climate within the union is one of high tension. Sine the 46th president of the United States Joe Biden took office in January of 2021, a tone of instability has engulfed the nation. Numerous problems face the American people, with working class families across all fifty states grappling with the harsh realities of life under Biden. Record levels of inflation have crushed the consumer, brought about by reckless government spending. A culture war has seized public education in states across America as governments controlled by Democrats attempt to lessen the right of parental jurisdiction over children and promote “woke” ideology in curriculums across all grades and ages. 

One of the aspects of the ideologies promoted is climate change and global warming. The planet has undoubtedly become warmer over the past century; scientists still debate as to the true causes and effects of this warming. Progressive activists, academics, and politicians have seized upon the issue, using it as a pathway to indoctrinate children and promote a harmful narrative in which mankind alone is to blame for the “climate crisis”. In the eyes of these progressives, if immediate action is not taken to “reverse” the warming, the extinction of animals and humanity alike is imminent within 100 years. These proposed actions include an entirely publicly owned utilities system (no private energy production), extremely high taxes to subsidize “green” energy alternatives (wind and solar) to replace natural gas and coal. 

The economic effect in which these policies will have on the already overburdened and struggling American working class cannot be overstated. In the short term, with several states run by progressive democrats “banning” non-electric cars by 2035, the consumer may be forced to spend exorbitant amounts on transportation as electric cars are very expensive. Donald Trump has vowed to take federal action to reverse much of these “green” policies if elected in 2024.

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