Two American Soldiers Killed By Drone Strike In Ukraine

( – Two US veterans volunteering to fight with Ukraine were reportedly among those killed in a Russian attack in eastern Ukraine on July 29, reported.

Russian forces were firing on the volunteer Chosen Company, launching grenades, mortars, and firing heavy machine guns on July 29 when US Marine vet Lance Lawrence and Army vet Andrew Webber were killed. Lawrence, a Vandalia, Ohio native, had recently returned to the fight after recovering from injuries sustained when a round ricocheted and hit his wrist.

At least twenty Americans have been killed in the Ukraine war, according to In a statement on Facebook, the city of Vandalia confirmed Lawrence’s death. A GoFundMe page created in his honor notes that Lawrence served in the US Marines as a machine gunner from 2013 to 2016. As a member of the Chosen Company, Lawrence served as fire support group leader.

The medic in Lawrence’s unit said the Marine veteran spent his life “practicing war” without ever fighting and decided to use the skills he learned to fight in Ukraine, according to

The State Department confirmed that two unnamed US veterans had been killed in Ukraine on July 29 reportedly in a “drone attack.” The government has advised US veterans not to join the fight in Ukraine. Members of the Chosen Company who spoke with declined to give details about the July 29 attack either because they were not there or due to operational security.

The Washington Post reported in May that at least 16 US veterans had been killed in combat in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the BBC reported that same month that over 20,000 Russians had been killed, half of them were mercenary soldiers from the Wagner Group. Another 80,000 Russians have been wounded.

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