UPS Drivers Expose Rural Deliveries Left Rotting in Heat

( – Some UPS drivers confirm that the delivery company’s rural deferred delivery service in Wyoming is not providing the promised overnight delivery service customers are paying for.

In a recent interview with Cowboy State Daily, one southeastern Wyoming rancher said he paid UPS for overnight delivery to ensure that the laptop he ordered on a Friday arrived by Monday. Instead, UPS did not show up at the ranch with his laptop until Tuesday.

UPS tracking showed that the package, though one day late, was delivered “on time.”

When the rancher sought a refund of the overnight delivery fee, UPS told him that he should have planned better.

A current UPS driver told Cowboy State Daily that this delay should not happen. He said the only way this could occur would be if someone from upper management ordered a package to be removed from the rural deferred delivery service trailer.

The driver said that many UPS drivers have expressed concern about the problem with deferred delivery, especially when it comes to delivering “critical health care.” He said people who rely on medications, like diabetics, are paying to have the medication delivered by next-day air.

The driver also provided photographs of UPS trailers filled with packages for the rural deferred delivery service that he said the driver would not be able to deliver on time. Among the packages was a styrofoam package marked as a critical healthcare container.

In a statement to Cowboy State Daily, UPS spokeswoman Becca Hunnicutt said the company’s drivers deliver over 22 million packages nationwide each day.

Hunnicutt said UPS had decided to consolidate its deliveries to rural areas as a way to save money. She explained that delivery to very rural areas costs the company more than delivering to urban or suburban areas. By consolidating its deliveries to rural areas, UPS can keep shipping costs low for rural customers, Hunnicutt said.

Hunnicutt added that UPS customers can track their shipments at the UPS website, or they can download the UPS app.

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