Wealthy Car Dealer Allegedly Hired Hitmen for Assassination

(HorizonPost.com) – A federal jury in Nashville last Friday convicted Austin, Texas auto dealership executive Erik Maund and two others in the 2020 murder-for-hire of Maund’s mistress and her boyfriend, the Statesman reported.

Maund, 48, and co-defendants Bryan Brockway, 48, and Adam Carey, 32, were all found guilty of murder-for-hire. Carey and Brockway were also convicted of conspiracy to commit kidnapping and kidnapping resulting in death. A fourth defendant, Gilad Peled, 49, previously pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate in the trial.

The defendants were responsible for the murders of Holly Williams and Bill Lanway in Nashville in March 2020 after Lanway attempted to extort money from Maund over his affair with Williams. At the time, Maund was an executive at his family’s Austin, Texas auto dealerships.

Maund hired Peled who in turn enlisted Carey and Brockway, two former Marines, to travel to Nashville to investigate Williams and Lanway.

At the trial, Peled testified that when Lanway continued to extort Maund, Maund agreed to pay Carey and Brockway $100,000 each to kill both Lanway and Williams.

On the same day that Maund wired Peled $150,000, Carey and Brockway kidnapped Lanway and Williams from outside of her West Nashville apartment complex, drove them to a construction site, and murdered them. Their bodies were discovered the following morning inside Williams’ vehicle.

Over the next year, Maund wired an additional $900,000 to Peled who subsequently withdrew the cash needed to pay Carey and Brockway.

In a press release announcing the guilty verdicts, US Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee Henry Leventis said he was “pleased” that those responsible for the murders have been held accountable. Leventis commended the Metro Nashville Police Department and the FBI for their “thorough investigation” that made the conviction possible.

All three defendants face a mandatory life sentence in federal prison. Sentencing hearings for all four will be scheduled for next year.

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