7-Eleven Employees Take Down Tobacco Thief

(HorizonPost.com) – A video posted on Instagram last week shows two California 7-Eleven workers stopping a shoplifter who attempted to make off with a trash can full of cigarettes by pinning him to the ground and beating him with a stick, the New York Post reported.

In the video, one employee is seen pinning the man to the floor as his co-worker repeatedly hits him with a stick and the shoplifter begs for mercy.

According to the Post, the shoplifter brought a 20-gallon trash can behind the checkout counter and began dumping packages of cigarettes, vaping products, and cigars into it while the employees ask him to stop.

The bystander who shot the video is heard telling the workers that they should let the thief go since nobody is “going to do anything” about it.

When the thief attempts to push past one of the employees, the employee grapples with him tackling him to the floor. The second employee then appears on the video brandishing what appears to be a broomstick which he uses to hit the thief 23 times.

The employee holding the thief down then punches him in the back, causing the thief to knock over the trash can filled with tobacco products.

When the thief finally cries “Uncle,” the stick-wielding employee hits him two final times while the bystander filming the incident tells them to let him go.

In subsequent videos, the two employees discussed calling the police but in the end, decided to let him leave the store.

The shoplifter claims that he is unable to get up or walk on his own, but the bystander leads him toward the exit. The thief asks for a soda, but the bystander blasts him for expecting a soda after what he did.

While the bystander claimed that the incident occurred in Stockton, California, the New York Post reported that the police department in Stockton knew nothing about the incident.

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