Arab-American Biden Backers Express Disappointment

( – President Biden’s vocal support for Israel in its war against Hamas has placed him in a difficult situation with Muslim voters in Michigan who feel as though the president has betrayed a voting bloc he relied on to win the state in 2020, NBC News reported.

Michigan is home to the largest population of Muslim and Arab Americans in the country, who helped Biden defeat Donald Trump in the state in 2020. According to exit polling from the Associated Press, Biden won 64 percent of the Muslim vote over Donald Trump’s 35 percent.

After President Biden voiced his unwavering support for Israel following the October 7 surprise attacks by Hamas, former Biden advisor Ahmad Ramadan, who now heads up the Muslim coalition efforts for Michigan’s Democratic Party, contacted the state party chair to express alarm over what he was hearing.

Ramadan told NBC News that after conducting a series of roundtable discussions with leaders of the Muslim community, the takeaway is that Muslim voters are disappointed in the president and said they won’t forget what Biden has done and “why he lied to them.”

Ramadan said Biden won 2020 with “historic numbers” but since then, the mood among Muslim voters has “really shifted.” He said voters are telling him that he has blood on his hands for convincing them to vote for Biden during the 2020 election.

Some Muslim leaders said it wasn’t enough that President Biden expressed his heartbreak over the loss of Palestinian lives during his address to the nation last Thursday.

Michigan Muslim Community Council Chairman Dr. Mahmoud Hadidi told NBC News that while President Biden “made a good case for what he believes in,” he did not come anywhere close to “addressing the human disaster.”

Dr. Hadidi said there is much more the president could have said or done to show his concern for the Palestinian civilians trapped in Gaza.

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