Atlanta Home Wrongly Demolished

( – A Georgia woman is considering her options after a vacant southwest Atlanta home that her family has owned for years was mistakenly demolished, the Associated Press reported.

Susan Hodgson told the Associated Press that when she returned from vacation in September, she discovered her longtime family property had been replaced by a pile of rubble.

According to Hodgson, while she was away, a neighbor called to ask if she hired someone to tear down the vacant house. When Hodgson said she hadn’t, her neighbor said someone had just demolished the entire thing.

Hodgson told the Associated Press that when her neighbor confronted the demolition workers, one of them got nasty with her and told her to mind her business.

Hodgson contacted a family member who went to see what was happening. When the family member asked to see a permit for the demolition, the worker in charge checked the permit only to discover he had the wrong address and demolished the wrong house.

Hodgson said the property had been boarded up for around 15 years but the property taxes were paid and the lawn and yard were always tended.

She has since filed a police report and spoken with lawyers but at this point, the situation remains in limbo.

According to Hodgson, the company responsible for demolishing her house, the Atlanta-based “You Call It We Haul It,” still has not contacted her. She told the Associated Press on Saturday that she couldn’t believe that the company could just tear the wrong house down, walk away, and not even bother to apologize.

In a subsequent statement to WAGA-TV in Atlanta, “You Call It We Haul It” said it is investigating the matter and is working to resolve the issue.

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