Behind the Scenes With The Beatles’ Enigmatic Roadie

( – In his recent biography, “Living the Beatles Legend: The Untold Story of Mal Evans,” Kenneth Womack delves into the hidden stories of the Beatles’ roadie and personal assistant, Mal Evans. Evans had penned the manuscript originally titled “Living the Beatles Legend, Or: 200 Miles to Go” before his death in 1976.

A pivotal moment in January 1963, captured in the book, sheds light on a crucial time for The Beatles as they reached the brink of securing their first No. 1 single in the UK with “Please Please Me.” Evans helped transport the band from Liverpool to London during a snowstorm amid the UK’s historic Big Freeze.

Huddled in a van for warmth, the group faced freezing temperatures when the windshield cracked. To endure the cold, John Lennon wrapped himself in scarves and made a bag with eye holes over his face. In the back seat, the Beatles created a makeshift “Beatle sandwich.”

The biography emphasizes Evans’ essential role during the Beatles’ formative years. As their initial historian, he recognized the significance of rock ‘n’ roll, diligently journaling the band’s journey by keeping diaries, lyric sheets, and receipts and keeping materials others considered disposable. Evans’ contributions helped The Beatles to focus on their music, working late into the night to record iconic albums like “Sgt. Pepper” and “The White Album.”

While George Martin may be recognized as “the fifth Beatle,” Evans played a key role in the band. He ensured their needs were met and often put himself at risk to protect them from adoring fans during the band’s tours.

Despite tensions with Paul McCartney during a legal dispute, all four Beatles supported Evans’ idea of writing a book about their shared experiences.”

Regrettably, Evans’ mental health challenges led to a fatal standoff with the police in 1976 before the book’s release. Womack’s biography now provides fans with a ‘Never Heard Before’ glimpse into Beatles lore and reveals the true, unfiltered story of Mal Evans.

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