Biden Accused of Attempting to Deplatform Dem Opponent

( – Democrat presidential candidate Dean Phillips (D-MN) accused the liberal media of blackballing him to protect President Biden, Politico reported.

Phillips told Politico that he was “disappointed” and “appalled” that professional journalists whose careers involve “sharing truth” and “providing facts” to the voters “are fundamentally avoiding their responsibilities.”

Phillips, who on October 27 announced he was challenging Biden for the nomination, told Politico that he has not been interviewed on any of the networks Democrats tend to watch, nor has he been invited to appear on any of the Sunday news shows.

While he has appeared on CNN, Phillips has not been offered a town hall like the other longshot candidates like Chris Christie or Vivek Ramaswamy.

Phillips told Politico that the only outlets that invited him on are from the right-wing media, who do so only to tweak the president and the DNC.

Meanwhile, the average MSNBC viewer probably doesn’t even know that Phillips is a member of the House. He told Politico that MSNBC’s portrayal of him is “designed to prevent that education.”

Phillips insisted that the Biden campaign is behind the media blackout. He accused the president’s reelection campaign of pressuring the media into blackballing him and suggested that it revealed an underlying disrespect for democracy at the heart of the DNC.

Without naming names, Phillips alleged that members of the Biden campaign have been instructing others not to attend his events, support him, or give him a platform.

Phillips told Politico that the media is denying voters a chance to hear about him to delude the public “into believing that Joe Biden is just fine.” He said voters don’t realize that Biden’s reelection chances are “precarious,” and the media has refused to give him a platform to say so.

The media isn’t the only institution that is preventing a legitimate primary challenge to President Biden. Last Friday, a federal judge in Florida rejected an attempt to force Democrats to hold a primary in the state, The Hill reported.

A federal lawsuit, filed by attorney Michael Steinberg against the Florida Democratic Party, argued that the other Democrat challengers should be present on the ballot in March. However, US District Court Judge Allen Winsor denied Steinberg’s request, arguing that the lawsuit did not stand on its merits.

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