Biden Military Official Prioritizes Diversity Hires

( – President Biden’s nominee to replace Gen. Milley as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs has a history of prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion, Fox News reported.

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Brown Jr. has on several occasions expressed his desire to push diversity, equity, and inclusion in the US Air Force.

After the in-custody death of George Floyd sparked riots nationwide in 2020, Brown told Air and Space Forces Magazine that diversity has “moved to the forefront” in making personnel decisions including hiring and promotions.

While speaking at a virtual event hosted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs that same year, Brown said he hires for diversity to bring different perspectives. He claimed that diversity makes the Air Force and the country stronger.

Last August, Brown issued a memo ordering the Air Force recruitment wing to build a pool of applicants that meet gender and racial quotas as a way to boost diversity.

Brown also commissioned a review of the racial disparity in the Air Force primarily concerning blacks. Additionally, he commissioned a second study to review the disparities between heterosexual white men and all other ethnicities and gender identities.

A report by Defense One after Biden nominated Brown to replace Milley revealed that in 2021, Brown helped establish the Air Force’s first DEI office.

Brown is quoted on the DEI office’s website saying he wants “necessary conversations on racism, diversity and inclusion.

The Air Force policy established in September 2021 to increase the number of minorities attending flight school was brought about by a monthly inclusion council led by Gen. Brown to discuss “hard questions” about race, Defence One reported.

President Biden nominated Gen. Brown in May to replace Gen. Milley when he retires in October.

Currently, all military nominations for promotion are being held up in the Senate by Alabama Republican Tommy Tuberville who is blocking confirmation through unanimous consent over the Pentagon’s policy to fund out-of-state abortions for service members.

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