Biden’s Wife Refuses Competency Test For Her Husband

( – First Lady Jill Biden refuses to give the president a competency test as rumors continue to circulate around his cognitive health, according to The Daily Wire. The idea to take such a test was recently proposed by Nikki Haley, a Republican candidate for 2024. Jill called it “ridiculous” and assured that such a thing would never be considered. 

Haley argued that politicians over the age of 75 should take a test to determine whether they are fit for office. While giving her speech at a rally, Haley also advocated for term limits for senators and representatives, saying that the lifelong politician will “finally retire.” 

Speaking to CNN, Jill was adamantly against it. Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders, who is still serving Vermont in the Senate at 81 years old, called for people to stand against “ageism” and called the proposal “absurd.” 

President Biden is currently the oldest person to have served at 80 years old and has said that he will run for a second term but has not yet made an official announcement. The first lady said that the decision will be up to him and he will be supported with whatever he chooses to do. 

He was recently evaluated by Dr. Kevin O’Connor, the White House physician, who described him as “healthy” and “vigorous,” according to Fox News. Biden reportedly suffers from a stiff gait, which the report says is from a loss of sensation in the feet. As one doctor speaking to Fox News mentioned, however, a stiff gait could be an indicator of cognitive decline. 

Last summer, a majority of voters polled believed that the president is unfit as a result of his mental decline, according to Breitbart. Over half of the respondents said that they had doubts about Biden’s mental ability, while 62% said that he is too old to be president. 

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