Chicago Group Begs Gangsters To Ceasefire During Daytime Hours

( – A Chicago Alderwoman last week promoted a proposal from a community group to urge Chicago criminals not to shoot anyone from 9:00 am until 9:00 pm, the New York Post reported.

In a recent newsletter, Alderwoman Maria Hadden shared a proposal by Native Sons calling for a 12-hour ceasefire during the period when innocent people are more likely to get caught in the crossfire.

Calling the proposal “The People’s Ordinance,” the group’s flyer includes a picture of a white fence painted with a balloon border featuring the message, “Don’t Shoot! I want to grow up.”

Native Sons co-founder Tatiana Atkins told CWBChicago that the goal is to try to deal with Chicago’s gun violence “strategically” rather than “all at once.” She said Chicago’s worsening crime crisis didn’t occur “overnight” and solving it won’t either.

In addition to calling for a 12-hour daily ceasefire, “The People’s Ordinance” is also asking residents to avoid associating with or glorifying gun-wielding Chicagoans and to forgo wearing ski masks.

Atkins explained that when criminals are allowed to “hang with ‘regular’ class citizens, they put everyone at risk.”

Despite calling their proposed ceasefire an “ordinance,” no formal legislation is being proposed to implement such a plan or to increase penalties for anyone violating the 12-hour ceasefire.

But Aktins doesn’t believe they need to wait on the city to propose legislation for the group’s proposal to succeed.

She told CWBChicago that the news coverage about their proposal along with a push on social media will be enough to spread the message.

Chicago’s crime crisis has continued to spiral out of control after former Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot was replaced with far-Left Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson.

So far this year, while shootings have declined by 10 percent, the total number of crimes in Chicago has increased by 34 percent compared to the same time last year.

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