Egyptian TV Star Condemns Hamas and Its Role

( – An Egyptian television personality criticized Hamas and said the terrorist group’s hands were “covered in the blood of Egypt,” the Jerusalem Post reported.

Tawfik Okasha, a former Egyptian MP-turned-controversial media personality, said in an interview with KAN News on Tuesday that while he mourned the deaths of every Israeli and Palestinian civilian killed in the war in Gaza, he did not mourn the Hamas terrorists killed in the fighting “because they are a terror organization that has profited from the Palestinian issue.”

Okasha said Hamas had “turned Egypt into a no man’s land” and Egyptian blood covered Hamas’ hands, adding, “I will not forget it.”

Okasha, the owner and lead anchor of the satellite political channel Faraeen, told KAN News that Hamas’ uprising against the Palestinian Authority in 2007 was what “led to the loss of opportunities” for a 2-state solution.

Accusing Hamas of corrupting the Palestinian cause, Okasha said the terror group has profited off of the failure to solve the “Palestinian issue” and “harmed the Palestinian people in the most egregious ways.”

He said that in its orchestrated attack on October 7, Hamas “used the same tactics and tools” as al-Qaeda and ISIS, and now the Palestinians in Gaza “are paying the price for Hamas’ stupidity.”

Okasha also accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of bearing a “big part of responsibility” for the war in Gaza, claiming that the prime minister supported Hamas’ presence in the region as a way to “delay implementing a two-state solution.”

The controversial media figure was expelled from the Egyptian Parliament in 2016 after he met with Israel’s then-ambassador to Egypt, Haim Koren.

When discussing his expulsion on KAN News, Okasha said he did not regret inviting Koren to his home, explaining that Koren respected him and came to his house.

“It was a good meeting,” Okasha said.

Okasha said he also considered Israel’s current ambassador Amira Oran a “dear friend.”

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